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Bespoke services helping anyone suffering from pain, tension, anxiety & stress to reset, restore & reclaim a better moving body. Book your FREE consultation today so you can begin to move & feel better

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FREE Online Consultation
Thinking of trying a 'hands off' or 'touch' therapy?
Not sure which on direction?
Want to see if you like the way I work?
This session will help you to define your health & healing journey so that you can begin to move & feel better
'Restore my Body' (call for appointment)
Have a back, knee or shoulder pain that just won’t go away?
Tried other therapies before but nothing has helped?
Would like to improve your quality of sleep & learn how to relax?
Feel stiff & achy?
Bowen is a gentle form of bodywork that aims to restore & rebalance the ‘whole’ body providing a positive effect on most conditions. This hands on therapy can be seen to achieve long lasting results
'Restore my Feet' (call for appointment)
Have foot pain, bunions, toes ache, plantar fasciitis?
Feeling stressed or anxious & would like time for you?
Stiff & achy feet?
Whole body, foot focused session with a focus on feet for anyone who wears shoes! Treatments aim to restore function to the foot & ankle helping improve ease of movement & reducing painful feet
'Move To Heal' (call for appointment)
Suffering from aches, pains or stiffness and all you can think about is some relief! Move to Heal is a 'whole-body' approach to pain relief that can help your body heal and function is a way that no longer causes stiffness and pain.
Individualized movements routines
Prevent future injuries
Personalized visualizations and meditations
For anyone striving a pain-free lifestyle
'Talk To Heal' (call for appointment)
Feeling held back my anxiety & stress?
Have self-limiting thoughts?
Often feel fear, doubt & negative thought patterns?
Learn to overcome overwhelm, panic & fear
Have clarity of thought and a new way of thinking
Personalized sessions to help you to feel happiness

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