Restore Health

I love helping women live the best life possible by providing solutions that help deal with a busy life including reducing pain, tension, stress & anxiety allowing quality 'ME' time to restore, relax and recharge.
I have 30 years of experience in health & wellbeing. Enjoy a bespoke therapeutic encounter designed to nourish & restore the whole of you!
If you prefer to speak to me in person or cannot find a slot suitable call me 07905 327242

Love Andrea x

Choose a service to schedule

Complimentary 'Corrective Reflexology' consultation & mini session
* Discover how to reduce stress & anxiety. Restore foot function and reduce pain
* Enjoy time for you to relax & forget about anything else
* Learn how to deal with a busy life
* Enjoy a better nights sleep
Complimentary 'Bowen Therapy' consultation & mini session
* Discover a gentle way to deal with back, knee or shoulder pain
* Maybe you have tried other therapies before but nothing has really helped
* improve your quality of sleep & learn how to relax
* Bowen is a gentle & relaxing therapy that requires no manipulation or adjustment, clothing stays on during a Bowen session & relief is regularly felt immediately or within 48 hours in most cases
* The Bowen technique has been observed to help pain management, quality of sleep, relaxation & chronic fatigue & much more....
Complimentary 'Thrive & Feel Confident' Online support
* Learn how to gain confidence
* Reduce stress & overwhelm
* Find peace
* Be the person YOU want to be!
* Celebrate you.
* Honour feelings, find power & release past anger
* Eat better & allow your body to feel free to release weight

** We can use phone, FB video Messenger, Skype or Zoom
Complimentary 'Yoga at Home' consultation & mini session
* Learn how to practice Yoga at Home that is effective
* reduce stress, tension, aches & pain.
* move with more ease
* feel comfortable being you
* learn to meditate
* Nourish the whole of you
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07905 327242