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'Bowen Bodywork'
Bowen aims to help restore & rebalance the whole body having a positive effect on pain management, quality of sleep, relaxation & chronic fatigue & so much more……
(Based in Dronfield between Sheffield & Chesterfield)
'Foot Focused- Whole Body '
For anyone who wears shoes! Helping restore foot function & relieve pain using a unique fusion of reflexology, yoga therapy & whole body soft tissue work
(Based in Dronfield between Sheffield & Chesterfield)
'Move To Heal'
'Whole-body' approach to pain relief that can help your body heal and function is a way that no longer causes stiffness and pain.
'Talk To Heal'
Feeling held back my anxiety & stress?
Have self-limiting thoughts?
Often feel fear, doubt & negative thought patterns?
Learn to overcome overwhelm, panic & fear
Have clarity of thought and a new way of thinking
Personalized sessions to help you to feel happiness

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